Building Blocks for Obedience

A lot of attention is paid to the "finished product" of a perfect Obedience or Rally performance. But what are the skills handler and dog need to develop as they work toward this goal? It all starts with the relationship that has been developing between you as you have started training together. Going forward there are lots of games to learn that are really core skills using shaping, targeting, heads-up heeling, turns on the forehand, kickback stands and drops, backing up, tidy sits. All of them are included in the building blocks of Competition Obedience and Rally. Limit 8 teams
Prerequisite: FM Skills or equivalent skill level.

Building Blocks and Beyond

Open to handler and  dog teams which have completed Building Blocks for Obedience or equivalent and want to continue to work toward an Obedience career.

Perches and Platforms for Precision

This class will introduce and flesh out the proper use of training aids, namely perches and platforms, to create and build value in strong, fluent, and precise positions. Learn how to efficiently add verbal cues so that your dog can discriminate between tasks, shape behaviors without handler movement and prompting, and make sure you're using them correctly to get the most benefit out of these extremely valuable training tools. Students may use these tools to work on the behavior of their choice, such as heel, front, distance work, pivots, etc. Once desired behavior is achieved, class will cover how the training aids will be faded and eliminated.

Rally Signs and Skills

This is NOT a course work class.  Work on teaching individual sign execution and problems with ring performance (fading food rewards,etc.).

Prerequisite: Current or previous rally class enrollment or equivalent

Rally Beginning/Novice Courses

This class will introduce handler/dog teams to the fun and challenging sport of Rally, as well as continue the development of more experienced students.  All exercises in AKC Novice and WCRL Level l, which are performed on-leash, will be covered.  You will also learn the rules and regulations of the sport and have fun practicing on real Rally courses.  Whether or not you plan to rally on toward your Rally Novice or WCRL Level I titles, you and your dog will improve your teamwork and enjoy working together. Class limit 6.

Prerequisite: Bridging the Gap, Pre-Competition/Pre-Novice, Building Blocks or equivalent.

Rally Intermediate/Advanced Courses

For dog and handler teams with some experience in working together to navigate Rally courses.  Off-lead handling will be encouraged. Class limit 6.

Prerequisite: Rally Beginning/Novice Courses or equivalent

Rally Excellent/Master Courses

The full repertoire of Rally signs (both AKC and WCRL) will be used in complex and challenging courses for handler/dog teams working toward competing for advanced titles. Class limit 6.

Prerequisite: Rally Intermediate/Advanced Courses or equivalent

Heel to Success

Attentive heeling is crucial for successful AKC Obedience competition at all levels. In this class, you will lay a solid foundation for Novice and beyond, grounded in attention at heel. Each week we will build on the previous week´s lessons. All Novice exercises will be covered and some exercises from Open and Utility will be introduced.

Skills Introduced: Heeling, Figure 8, Stand for Exam, Recall-fronts & finishes, Group Stays (Sit & Down), Dumbbell retrieve.
Pre-Requisite: FM Skills or equivalent with Instructors approval


Starting up a young dog or retraining your current obedience/Rally dog for competition? Emphasis on skills needed for Beginner Novice, Pre-Novice, and Novice Rally competitions. We work on skills to enhance your heeling, dog's attention, and work with Stays. Play training is also incorporated to get the most out of your dog. Training is based on individual´s skills and dog's level. We have tons of fun in this class!

Prerequisite: Must have been through Puppy class and/or FM Foundation or higher level.
Exceptions are made with instructor's approval.


In Competition Obedience, the Novice Class demonstrates good canine companion skills such as heeling, both with and without a leash, coming when called, standing for a simple physical examination, and staying in both a sit and a down position with a group of dogs. This class will prepare you and your dog to compete at the Novice* level, and to earn the title of Companion Dog (CD).Class limit 8.
*AKC also offers the Beginner Novice titling class, which tests a simpler form of these exercises.

Skills Introduced: Heeling, Figure 8, Stand for Exam, Recall, Group Stays (Sit & Down), Dumbbell retrieve.
Pre-Requisite: Introduction to Competition Obedience or Pre-Novice / Pre-Rally

Novice Competition

This class will cover Beginner Novice, Novice, and first-level Rally-O competition training. We will work on distractions with stays, distance stays, proofing in heeling, as well as improved heeling techniques. Introduction to dumbbell, if time allows. This is a very fast-paced class, and dogs MUST have good focus and pretty reliable stays. Last day of class we will have a Novice and Beginner Novice run-thru.
Please bring a tug or motivational toy that your dog LOVES and a short, thin leather lead (two or three feet in length) in addition to a six-foot lead. Bring your dumbbell if you already have one.

Prerequisites: Pre-competition/Pre-Novice, or Family Manners Foundation and above.
Exceptions at instructor's discretion.


The Open Class in Competition Obedience presents a greater challenge to dog and handler. All exercises are performed off leash. Retrieving and jumping challenges are added. This class will prepare you and your dog to compete at the Open level and earn the title of Companion Dog Excellent (CDX)−or simply to enjoy the fun of learning and practicing these complex exercises. Class limit 8.

Skills Introduced: Novice exercises, plus Dumbbell retrieve, Jumps (High & Broad), Drop on Recall.
Pre-Requisite: Novice plus mastery of Dumbbell retrieve. 


The most challenging class in Competition Obedience is the Utility Class, which includes scent discrimination, directed retrieves and directed jumping. This class will prepare you and your dog to compete at the Utility level and earn a Utility Dog (UD) title. Or you can simply enjoy the challenge of training at a high level.

Skills Introduced: Signal exercise, Scent discrimination, Directed Retrieve, Moving Stand, Directed Jumping.
Pre-Requisite: Dog needs to be able to heel off leash and retrieve a dumbbell.